Non multa, sed multum! - Not many, but much!


Knopf Horn Model No. 6All horns wearing the name "Herbert Fritz Knopf" are manufactured in our own workshop based on our own, tested models. Only materials of the highest quality are used in this process.

Customers may choose from two different bell sizes (medium and wide). We offer three alloys as base materials: brass, gold brass and nickel-siver. All instruments are equipped with string action or ball mechanics. By request and with an additional charge, minibal mechanics is also possible.

The close cooperation with professional musicians from top level orchestras allows for a constantly growing perfection of the instruments' quality. In addition, new scientific findings affect the production as well.

Naturally we also offer repairs on all brass instruments.

Model No. 6
single Bb-Horn 4 valves, combined
A-valve or compensating stop valve


Knopf Horn Model No. 13   Knopf Horn Model No. 14
Model No. 13
compensating double horn Bb/F, 4 valves
  Model No. 14
compensating double horn Bb/F,
5 valves with A-stopping valve
Knopf Horn Model No. 16   Knopf Horn Modell No. 17A
Model No. 16
full double horn F/Bb,4 valves,
famous Knopf-model
  Modell No. 17A
double horn F/Bb 5 valves with A-stopping valve and manual switch
Knopf Horn Model No. 18   Knopf Horn Model No. 20
Model No. 18
full double horn F/Bb 5 valves with E-A valve and stopping valve
  Model No. 20
Bb high F descant double horn 5 valves, with A-stop valve compensating double horn


 Improvements of Model No. 16

Concerning type No. 16 an even higher well-balance of the tone in all playing registers could be reached by extensive improvements

Components of this improvement are as follows:

  • a new milled changing valve which prevents disturbing compression noise
  • a new modified mouth pipe
  • improved bell size


Mute for horn, own production

own production

small form
148,75 Euro plus shipping

lage form
160,65 Euro plus shipping


Mute for horn Mute for horn




Mouthpieces for learning how to blow with little pressure you can find here: MZG - The “Methodisches Zusatzgerät” (methodic accessory)